Good Monday, I hope you’ve had a nice weekend. It’s going to be crazy rainy for the next two weeks here in Los Angeles, so hopefully your weather is treating you little better.

This week there were some newbies and some old friends. First up is Harlem, a band I had heard of but never heard before, with their new album Hippies. The first track is called Someday Soon and man oh man is it soooo good. Definitely one of my favorite songs of the year so far. They have this sort of lo-fi, rock kind of sound? I don’t know it’s good, just trust me. After them came Delphic, the three piece dance/pop group that I’m currently kind of in love with. In case you missed it check out this video for their song This Momentary.

Then came some Spoon, their new one Transference is played a lot, it’s a really solid album. Following the Spoons is a guy named Jonathan Boulet, a young guy from Australia who’s new self-titled album has been making me pretty happy. I posted his video for the song A Community Service Announcement a little while back, so check that out to get a sampling of him.

The last four are my standard kind of go to bands. I listened to Fakebook by Yo La Tengo a lot, I love all the old folk songs they cover. Owen Pallett I’ve spoken about before, still amazing. When I don’t know what to listen to I usually turn to M. Ward’s End of Amnesia and Transfiguration of Vincent, my two favorites by him. Rounding things out is Kings of Convenience, who’s new album Declaration of Dependence has really been growing on me, and I’m liking it a lot more then I did when I first started listening to it.

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January 18, 2010