‘This Momentary’ by Delphic

I just recently came across the music of Delphic, a UK dance/pop band who released their first album Acolyte last Tuesday. To generalize their sound they kind of feel like Cut Copy but with more harmonies and much more danceable. So far I’ve really been enjoying the album a lot, it’s really great to listen to when I need to get some energy while working.

The video above is for their song This Momentary and was directed by Dave Ma, who visited the area around Chernobyl, documenting the people who still live there. His focus was trying to capture little moments in the lives of the people who live there, not focusing on the negative health effects in any way. In an interview with Promo News, Dave says:

“A lot of people wrongly assume that the Chernobyl area is completely devoid of life or that it must be an atomic wasteland. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The place is full of life, nature is flourishing and people still live and work around the power plant. There just happens to be a lot of radiation floating around…”

I think the video is absolutely stunning, filled with haunting images and perfectly desaturated colors. It’s still amazing to me that buildings have been abandoned like that. He does a great job of showing the beauty of a place that people can no longer inhabit. His style in this also kind of reminds me Martin de Thurah in ways, especially the tracking shot on the road. I also like how the video is cut to the beat in certain parts, it’s a nice touch.


January 15, 2010