Mathias Hahn

I’m really enjoying the colorful furniture designs of British designer Mathias Hahn. The table at top is titled E8 and was inspired by a cobbled together piece of furniture that ended up being used as a dinner table. It was created to be long and narrow so you could work at the table and then when it’s time to eat you merely make a space next to your computer and papers. Plus you can’t resist that splash of yellow that coats the bottom of the table, giving it an unexpected pop.

The chair below that is just called Wooden Chair and features slotted joints that you are clearly displayed in a bright blue color. This not only makes the chair sturdy but gives it a little excitement as well. I would definitely love to have a full set of chairs and the table in my future. There’s such great simplicity to these pieces but the details really make it something special.

Found through Dezeen


January 14, 2010