Linefeed Reading List 1209/0110

When I first started this blog I was desperately looking for a WordPress theme that I liked, which if you’ve ever tried to parse through WordPress themes it’s a bit crappy. But I was able to come across a blog by a fellow named Michael Bojkowski who had a theme that was simple and everything I wanted. Well, I still use that theme to this day, though it’s been tweaked to the nth degree, but I owe Michael for helping me out.

Anyhow, he now runs a blog called Linefeed which is filled with all kinds of interesting design and ideas. Every time I visit I’m always amazed by all the new stuff he has up, it’s like he finds things from a different universe, it’s amazing. One thing he does consistently is his Reading List, which is his review of magazines from the month. The one above is a mixture of December and January, but he presents some interesting magazines you might not know about and some insightful commentary on ones you do.


January 13, 2010