Jeffrey Deitch Becomes Gallery Director of MoCA

There are few gallery directors that I could name off of the top of my head, and the three I can think of don’t work at museums, they were at small independent galleries. Jeffrey Deitch is one of them with his now famous gallery Deitch Projects. His gallery was started back in 1996 and since then has featured works by artists such as Barry McGee, Steve Powers, Os Gemeos, Swoon and Ryan Mcginnes. These artists were once considered to be “low brow” but Jeffrey Deitch showed them for the true geniuses they are and helped launch their more mainstream careers.

But times change and now he’s decided to switch coasts and become the gallery director of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. This presents some very exciting opportunities for Los Angeles, which really excites me. Unfortunately it also means that he will no longer have anything to do with Dietch Projects. From what I read it’s a conflict of interest for him to run an art gallery that makes money while working for a donor based gallery. Nonetheless I’m extremely excited to see what he does with the MoCA. I can’t say that I’ve ever been to an exciting show there, so hopefully he revitalizes the museum and brings in some really interesting artists, like the ones I mentioned above.

My last, and most important point, though, is suck it New York, haha…


January 12, 2010