Good Monday, I hope you had a nice weekend. This week’s #musicmonday is filled with all kinds of new goodies that I’ve really been looking forward to. We start out with Owen Pallett who was my number one artist last week as well. Heartland is such an amazing record and I can’t stop praising it, so pick it up tomorrow! After that came Atlas Sound who I’ve been listening to quite a bit, there’s something so new but nostalgic feeling about his music. Plus his album Logos was one of the best of last year, I highly recommend it as well.

Then we had a batch of new artists. First was Massive Attack and their new record Heligoland. I was a huge fan of Mezzanine and this new record is of the same quality, though with much less trip-hop to it. Then came Spoon with their upcoming record Transference, which I will admit to absolutely loving. The album still sounds exactly what you think of when you thin of Spoon, but there’s something so fresh and exciting about this album. The album feels almost experimental in it’s nature, with vocals glitching and electronic sounds haunting the album.

Vampire Weekend pops up after that with their upcoming album Contra, which I’d guess a lot of people are looking forward to. I think the album is a nice progression from their last and they’ve evaded the dreaded sophomore slump. They’ve brought in a lot more instruments, weren’t afraid of trying new sounds, though I think it’ll take some time to grow on you. The last of the new batch is Broken Bells and their upcoming self-titled release. I’m still not sure if I’m a big fan of this album, but I’m going to continue giving it a try. Finishing things off are my good buddies Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sufjan, who appear on this list quite a lot.

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January 11, 2010