‘Incomplete Manifesto For Growth’ by Bruce Mau

In trying to stay consistent with my message of working hard and making change as a creative person, I thought I’d post this list of friendly advice by Bruce Mau. Mr. Mau calls this his Incomplete Manifesto For Growth and it features beliefs, strategies and motivations to help you succeed at your work. He started writing it back in 1998 and has been adding to it since then, currently it’s at 43 points.

I posted my top three points because they fit me well. The first one is ‘Don’t Be Cool’, which is something I’ve tried to stay away from since the day I started this blog. Cool is just style over substance. I’m not trying to be cool, I don’t write this to be cool, I do like to do things which I think are cool but at the end of the day I’m a computer nerd with a boner for well designed things.

After that is ‘Ask Stupid Questions.’ I’ve always been one of those people who asks a ton of questions, smart or stupid, I just want information. The more information I can soak up the more prepared I am. I also like that he says “Growth is fueled by desire,” and I can definitely say I have an immense thirst for knowledge. I’m on Wikipedia at least five to ten times a day, easy.

My last favorite is ‘Stay Up Late,’ though sometimes I wish I didn’t embody this one so well. I’m currently writing this at 3:53 AM, obviously I should be in bed. But like Bruce says, things happen when you push yourself beyond your normal limits. For me personally I tend to really get “in the zone” or whatever when it’s late. There are less distractions, outside my window and inside my computer, and I can really start to dream up crazy things.

January 11, 2010