Stacks Is Back.

Michael Leon is one of those guys I’ve known about for what feels like forever, but it all started with a little company called Commonwealth Stacks he started way back in 2000. Well, it’s now 2010 and Michael is back, though this time it’s just Stacks, and they’re now a skateboard company. In Michael’s welcome letter on the Stacks site he wants to create a brand around utility, storytelling and fun… sounds like a good plan to me.

So far the collection is limited to the three skateboards you see above, which come in a small, medium and large sizes. My favorite is the silver one, I think it’s really beautiful looking. I also think it’s funny that the large size only comes in pink. I would love to see some 6; 5″ dude pushing a giant pink skateboard. He’s also got a logo t-shirt and sweatshirt though I’m sure the line will expand over time.

Nice to have you back, Mr. Leon.


January 5, 2010