YHWH Figure by Mark Ryden

One thing I totally missed last year was this crazy looking vinyl figure by Mark Ryden which is simply called YHWH, which is taken from the painting of the same name. Production on this creepy little guy was actually started over 3 years ago and due to difficulties with manufacturers it wasn’t released until March of last year. Thankfully the folks over at Bigshot Toyworks were able to make it come to life. It looks to be about a foot tall or so and comes in a Ryden-esque shade of pink but is also available in limited edition black and white versions, each having a run of only 80. I would totally love to have one of these, I think they’re really fun and it would be the easiest way to own something by Mr. Ryden.

To read more about this little beauty click here.


January 4, 2010