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Flux Screening Series featuring Mia Doi Todd & Michel Gondry

After my delicious meal at Isaac Toast I met up with Matt and we headed over to the Hammer Museum for the Flux Screening Series. This month’s series presented Mia Doi Todd & Michel Gondry as the center piece with a screening of her newest video which was directed by Mr. Gondry.

The night started with music videos for Grizzly Bear, NASA, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Múm and more. My favorite of all of them was the NASA video for the song Spacious Thoughts which features Kool Keith and Tom Waits. The video was made by Fluorescent Hill and as I started to watch it my jaw dropped. More on this video in another post. After the videos they had some of the directors come up and talk about their videos and some of the process behind each of them, which was really fun to see and hear. What I learned is that most directors are totally crazy.

Then we were treated to a live performance by Mia Doi Todd and her band which included Michel Gondry on drums. It was a beautiful performance and Ms. Doi Todd has a really beautiful voice. At times her music sounded like Portishead, Joni Mitchell and Vashti Bunyan, but with a more Latin flavor. I’m hoping she releases an album next year, the songs she played could be a perfect compliment to the summer of 2010.

Overall it was one of the best Flux events I’ve been to and I left with a huge smile on my face. If you’re in Los Angeles next year I highly suggest checking out one of their events.


P.S. Here’s a video of Michel Gondry solving a Rubix Cube with his nose.

Isaac Toast

On my way to the Flux event last night I was in need of some dinner. So as usual I turned to Twitter to see if anyone had any suggestions for a quick and cheap meal in Westwood. One response was from a guy named Adam who suggested I try a place called Isaac Toast which also happened to just open up yesterday. He said they served Korean sandwiches which totally peaked my interest, so I decided to stop by.

As it turns out Isaac Toast is a chain of restaurants from Korea which all started from as a street food vendor. The new location in Westwood is the first in America as they’re trying to branch out. As for the menu it’s pretty dang simple, basically just sandwiches, but it’s what they put on the sammies that really makes these stand out. You’ll find the basic things like lettuce, tomato and cheese, but then they also throw egg mixed with corn, mushrooms and their special Isaac sauce to top it all off.

Overall the sandwich was amazing and totally fresh tasting. I got a soda and a turkey sandwich and it was only $7, which is quite a deal. I’d much rather get a sandwich like the one above than a crappy, foot long blah sandwich at Subway. If you happen to be in Westwood and want a cheap but yummy place to eat, definitely check this place out.


(Sorry the photo is so crappy, I was in a hurry.)

KN/PC Presents: Inside Look at Cody Hoyt

Continuing our series of interviews with the artists behind the first series of the Kitsune Noir Poster Club I’d like to present a fellow named Cody Hoyt. Cody grew up in Florida, studied printmaking at the Massachusetts College of Art, and now lives in Los Angeles. I don’t remember how I came across Cody’s work but about a year and a half ago I asked him to create a desktop wallpaper and he obliged. Since then I’ve been absolutely in love with his work. It still boggles my mind that Cody isn’t a super famous artist, I tell him this all the time, and his Infinite Jest poster further proves this.

To give a little background, Infinite Jest is a book by the recently deceased David Foster Wallace that was written in 1996. If you haven’t heard of it you should have, because Time magazine put the book in it’s list of best English-language novels from 1923 to the present. Wikipedia sums up the book nicely as being about “tennis, substance addiction and recovery programs, depression, child abuse, family relationships, advertising and popular entertainment, film theory, and Quebec separatism.” So you see, it’s a chaotic book about a lot of stuff, and Cody nailed it on the head.

Why did you choose Infinite Jest?
I made a short list of potential candidates. I had originally chosen A Scanner Darkly by Phillip K. Dick, which was a tragic mind-fuck of a book. Infinite Jest was my second choice, but should have been my first, because its absolutely perfect. Its also a tragic mind-fuck, but more so, and hasn’t been made into a movie starring Keanu Reeves yet. Its an epic, dark and touching jackpot of cinematic imagery.

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T-post, A T-shirt And A Magazine In One

A couple months ago I was sent a t-shirt by the folks at T-post and I’ve been meaning to write about it since. You see, this isn’t any normal t-shirt, no, this is also a piece of useful information. You see the folks at T-post write an article about a recent topic, say the recording industry suing people or that Cuba is starting to run out of toilet paper. They then get a really cool artist, say like Siggi Eggertsson above, who then does an illustration based on the story.

So far they’ve had a ton of great artists like Andy Rementer, Von, Jeremyville and so on, so it’s definitely worth a peek. The shirts are released every six weeks through a subscription which I think is kind of fun. Getting surprises in the mail is always fun.


Mag+, A Digital Magazine Concept

There is a prevalent trend in technology right now which is trying to turn traditional forms of media, books and magazines mostly, into a new digital counterpart. So far though no one has really gotten it anywhere near optimal. For more personally, I’d much rather carry around a new, crisp magazine or an old, loved book than any kind of Kindle Or Nook.

That being said, the concept shown by Bonnier Research & Development have gotten closer to an ideal candidate than anything else I’ve seen. The reason their idea seems so great is that they’re trying to rethink the idea of a magazine altogether. Instead of flipping pages, why not just simply scroll like you do on an iPhone or in a browser? What about the spine of the reader? Why don’t you see any information on it like a magazine would have?

While this is a great concept it’ll be interested if anyone picks up on the ideas they present. With the supposed release of the Apple Tablet thingy next year it’ll be interesting if any similar ideas pop up. Watch the video and get a glimpse at what real R&D can create.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Always With Honor

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Always With Honor

Always With Honor

Whenever I open up a new issue of Monocle, one of the first things that catches my eye are the illustrations. 95% of the time those illustrations are done by Always With Honor, or as some know them Tyler Lang and Elsa Chaves. They have this highly stylized, minimal colors and shapes kind of thing going that I absolutely love. The fact that they can tell such a rich story with so little always impresses me.

So when Tyler offered their services for the Desktop Wallpaper Project, how could I say no? When Tyler sent this to me it was just a random YouSendIt file with no name attached and I was freaking out trying to figure out who it was from. The wallpaper features two cute pups lounging on a rug in what seems to be some kind of study, surrounded by a skull and a globe. I love this wallpaper, it feels seasonal to me, and I hope you love it too.

KN/PC Presents: Inside Look at Mark Weaver

When dreaming up the Kitsune Noir Poster Club I sincerely hoped that someone would do Moby Dick. When I think of classic novels, like the really old ones that everyone borrows from, it’s at the top of my list. So when Mark Weaver chose it I was really excited. If you don’t know, Mark is an illustrator/designer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is one of my absolute favorites. I’ve been following Mark’s work since earlier this year and I loved what he did with collages. Anyone can cut images out of old National Geographics but not everyone can make it look like a work of art.

Why did you choose Moby Dick?
When I was a kid books like Moby Dick and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea captivated my imagination. Growing up in Massachusetts around small seaport towns like Gloucester, I was surrounded by all kinds of nautical imagery which brought the stories to life for me. I’ve always loved the idea of sea monsters or something fearful out in the deep depths of the ocean. When this project was assigned to me I immediately thought of the White Whale.

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Iron Man 2 Trailer

In my opinion, Iron Man was definitely one of the best superhero movies ever made. It definitely treated the genre with more realism and didn’t bother to make things cutesy. Now we’ve got Iron Man 2 coming out on May 7, 2010, and boy howdy is it looking good.

To start there’s the cast. You’ve got The Wrestler himself Mickey Rourke, who’s comeback couldn’t have been better and now he gets to play a crazy, Russian dude with giant electro-whips. Then there’s Don Cheadle, who randomly took the place of Terence Howard. I think it’s lame they did that, but I do love Don Cheadle more than Terence. Finishing up the new editions is Sam Rockwell who plays Justin Hammer, a rival of Tony Starks and I’m guessing, a beneficiary of Mickey Rourke’s charcter… or at least that’s how I’d write it. Oh and of course I can’t forget Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow, who’s going to be beating people up in a skin tight, leather cat suit.

Watching the trailer you’re treated to more of RDJ’s whacky billionaire who you can’t help but love. He’s almost the comic book version of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. The visuals look great yet again, Whiplash’s whips, the armor moving, War Machine fighting dudes… it’s all there.

I’m definitely stoked to see this.


Louis Reith

Louis Reith is an illustrator and designer currently working in The Netherlands, creating these beautiful ink drawings. His formula is rather simple, you take an old book cover, create a really random but awesome geometric designs on it, then voila! Masterpieces.

There’s something so simple but striking about these that I totally love. The juxtaposition of tone and pops of color here and there really make me love these. He currently has a show going on at Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery and he has also has a few pieces for sale as well.

Found through Yewknee


P.S. I also love these mountains made out of maps, cute huh?

Maharam x Nike 21 Mercer Street Exclusive

Nike has teamed up again with textile designer Maharam on another batch of shoes which are exclusive to their 21 Mercer store. There are two different styles in three different patterns; a Blazer High in a check patter (which looks a hell of a lot like Louis Vuitton hi-top), a Blazer High in basket weave pattern and an Oregon Waffle (read: low-top) which comes in a stripe of sorts.

Overall I think these shoes pretty damn beautiful. I love the fact these are pretty much all blacks, but with the addition of patterns and textures it definitely gives these a ton of character. I wish I could afford a pair of those checked Blazer Highs, those are totally my favorite.

Click here for more photos of these sneakers.