The Holiday Wallpaper Competition Winner – Luke Pearson

The Holiday Wallpaper Competition Winner - Luke Pearson

Luke Pearson

Well it’s two days before Christmas which makes me realize that I should have had this contest a little sooner. Nonetheless I’ve got three amazing wallpapers for you by three very talented folks… well two of them are folks.

The winning wallpaper comes from a fellow named Luke Pearson who’s an illustrator currently studying at Loughborough University in the UK. I had never seen Luke’s work before but he tweeted something about entering the contest, so I checked out his work and I was really impressed. Thankfully he ended up participating and entered the amazing wallpaper you see at top.

I think this sums up the holidays extremely well. Everyone’s in a hurry, you’ve always got a million things in your suitcase and you try to jam everything into your already over-crowded schedule. Plus I feel like it’s a wallpaper that’s still appropriate even for the next few weeks. Congrats Luke!

You can download the other Holiday Wallpaper Competition wallpapers by clicking here:

• Hendra Permana

I hope you enjoy these wallpapers, have a wonderful Holiday no matter what you do or don’t celebrate. I have a present waiting for you on Friday, a present that’s long overdue.

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