Good Monday! I’m sure everyone is getting ready for the holidays, hopefully you’re already enjoying yours. This week’s #musicmonday is filled with some new fun stuff. First off though, I was listening to a lot of Wolf Parade thanks in part to the new Moonface EP Spencer Krug just put out. I still think Wolf Parade is better than his other bands, though Mount Zoomer was kinda eh. Then you have Midlake popping up with their new album The Courage of Others. The album is darker in tone than Van Occupanther and I haven’t been totally wowed yet, though it has only been like 24 hours since I got it.

After that is a band called Big Spider’s Back, and though the name is kinda silly, the music is spot on. This was sent to me by a publicist or reader, I can’t really tell, but it ended up being an awesome album with a Panda Bear/Washed Out vibe. Finishing up the list was Los Campesinos and their new album Romance is Boring. So far the album sounds really fun and I’m definitely excited to listen to it more. It’s definitely a more mature album and they’re not so crazy and all over the place anymore.

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December 21, 2009