T-post, A T-shirt And A Magazine In One

A couple months ago I was sent a t-shirt by the folks at T-post and I’ve been meaning to write about it since. You see, this isn’t any normal t-shirt, no, this is also a piece of useful information. You see the folks at T-post write an article about a recent topic, say the recording industry suing people or that Cuba is starting to run out of toilet paper. They then get a really cool artist, say like Siggi Eggertsson above, who then does an illustration based on the story.

So far they’ve had a ton of great artists like Andy Rementer, Von, Jeremyville and so on, so it’s definitely worth a peek. The shirts are released every six weeks through a subscription which I think is kind of fun. Getting surprises in the mail is always fun.


December 18, 2009