‘Spacious Thoughts’ by NASA

As I mentioned in my previous post, my favorite video at the Flux event was NASA’s Spacious Thoughts by the duo of Fluorescent Hill. The duo is made up of Montreal based Mark Lomond and Johanne Ste-Marie who make music videos, commercials and short films.

The song has lyrics by both Kool Keith and Tom Waits so the idea of duality must have popped up somewhere. The video features this awesome little character they created, a kind of rain drop guy with a red mouth and a Geordi LaForge visor kinda thing for eyes. He also wears cowboy boots. It’s what they do with the character that is really startling and amazing. I was sitting in the theater and I couldn’t close my mouth, I was amazed. I love how the little guy starts to move and 3D colors start to appear, or he slams his fists into the ground and paint splatters everywhere to increase the emotion.

Whatever you’re doing just stop and watch this, it’ll make your day.
To see more of Fluorescent Hill’s work, click here.


December 18, 2009