Mag+, A Digital Magazine Concept

There is a prevalent trend in technology right now which is trying to turn traditional forms of media, books and magazines mostly, into a new digital counterpart. So far though no one has really gotten it anywhere near optimal. For more personally, I’d much rather carry around a new, crisp magazine or an old, loved book than any kind of Kindle Or Nook.

That being said, the concept shown by Bonnier Research & Development have gotten closer to an ideal candidate than anything else I’ve seen. The reason their idea seems so great is that they’re trying to rethink the idea of a magazine altogether. Instead of flipping pages, why not just simply scroll like you do on an iPhone or in a browser? What about the spine of the reader? Why don’t you see any information on it like a magazine would have?

While this is a great concept it’ll be interested if anyone picks up on the ideas they present. With the supposed release of the Apple Tablet thingy next year it’ll be interesting if any similar ideas pop up. Watch the video and get a glimpse at what real R&D can create.


December 18, 2009