Isaac Toast

On my way to the Flux event last night I was in need of some dinner. So as usual I turned to Twitter to see if anyone had any suggestions for a quick and cheap meal in Westwood. One response was from a guy named Adam who suggested I try a place called Isaac Toast which also happened to just open up yesterday. He said they served Korean sandwiches which totally peaked my interest, so I decided to stop by.

As it turns out Isaac Toast is a chain of restaurants from Korea which all started from as a street food vendor. The new location in Westwood is the first in America as they’re trying to branch out. As for the menu it’s pretty dang simple, basically just sandwiches, but it’s what they put on the sammies that really makes these stand out. You’ll find the basic things like lettuce, tomato and cheese, but then they also throw egg mixed with corn, mushrooms and their special Isaac sauce to top it all off.

Overall the sandwich was amazing and totally fresh tasting. I got a soda and a turkey sandwich and it was only $7, which is quite a deal. I’d much rather get a sandwich like the one above than a crappy, foot long blah sandwich at Subway. If you happen to be in Westwood and want a cheap but yummy place to eat, definitely check this place out.


(Sorry the photo is so crappy, I was in a hurry.)

December 18, 2009