My buddy Ryan over at INVENTORY (formerly h(y)r collective) sent me a copy of his new magazine which is dedicated to “products, craft & culture”, as the front of the magazine says. Over the last couple years there’s been a huge surge in men’s fashion and the idea that durable, well-made clothing is your best bet. INVENTORY covers exactly that trend.

What they’ve managed to do is create a magazine around this new niche while it’s still relatively new and fresh. The style of the magazine is reminiscent of Monocle, in that it’s rather clean and simple with large, bold photos. The editorial is great, featuring stories about Mister Freedom (who I didn’t realize lived in Los Angeles), Duluth Pack (who’s been making men’s bags since 1882) and others. They also offer style tips on how to layer, how to best wear a parka, as well as offering items for sale that they’ve created through exclusive partnerships.

Overall I’d say the magazine is a hit. If you love men’s fashion, especially if your style is more reserved and leans toward classic Americana, you’re going to love this magazine.

You can grab yourself a copy by clicking here.


December 18, 2009