Mimetic House by Dominic Stevens Architect

mi•met•ic –adjective
1. characterized by, exhibiting, or of the nature of imitation or mimicry: mimetic gestures.
2. mimic or make-believe.

The Mimetic House is an interesting idea, of a house that blends in with it’s environment. The outside of the house is lined with a semi-reflective glass that’s pitched at a downward facing angle. The result is that the instead of seeing walls you see the green of the grass that surrounds the building. It’s a really awesome and slightly surreal effect. The inside of the house is swathed in white every where, giving the space a clean look and making it seem even larger.

The building almost seems less like a house and more a like a secret headquarters. There’s something very James Bond-ian about the space and it’s location. Beautifully done and a clever idea.


December 10, 2009