‘Dreamtime 79’ by Heath Killen

I get a lot of emails from people wanting me to check out their work, and 99% of the time I do. Sometimes emails are brief, some are long and some can be just weird. This is one of those weird but amazing ones.

Heath Killen, and Australian designer, has started a project called Dreamtime 79 which is series of fake film posters from the 70’s created for a fake cult that called Dreamtime 79 that built a fake film studio in the Australian Outback. Still following? Over 10 years they created 13 different films with names like TasMANIA! and Spirits of the Golden Soil.

I think this is the most fun, clever idea that I’ve come across in a while. The creativity that was put into this idea is off the charts and the posters area an absolute blast. I also love that the posters were credited to Ray Author, aka Millenium Ray, who is also the founder of the cult. The posters were influenced by psychadelic artwork and films like Mad Max, giving them that weird, cult classic movie feel. You can even download iPhone sized versions of the posters by clicking here.

This is also just the first part of a series of projects Heath wants to do under the monicker The Society For The Preservation of Australian Secret Histories. If you dig his work you should definitely get in touch.


December 9, 2009