Good Pho in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Yesterday afternoon I grabbed some pho with my good friends Brooke and Levi before they left on their mega-trip (which you can read about here). They ended up taking me to this place called Pho Cafe in Silverlake, a tiny restaurant tucked into a run down looking strip mall. But to my surprise the inside was absolutely beautiful and minimally beautiful as you can see in the photo above. The entire space was completely white with only tables, chairs and the amazing glass lights suspended over them.

The food itself was really delicious as well. I definitely don’t claim to be any kind of pho expert, but I think I’ve had some legit pho before. When Matt and I went to SF in August we went to this tiny place called Golden Star Vietnamese which was in the heart of Chinatown. I had pretty much the same thing at both places; soup with beef balls and pieces of beef and tripe with noodles and they were both amazing. If you’re in either LA or SF I highly suggest either or both of these.


December 8, 2009