UNI Watch Concept by Qixen-P

The folks over at Qixen-P have come up with an idea for a watch that let’s you be in control of how you see the time. The concept is called UNI and features a 96 x 96 pixel, full color OLED screen that is totally programmable and customizable. My guess is that your watch would come bundled with a program that would allow you to create a custom layout for your watch, making the design totally personal. From the screenshot above it also looks like you can share your watch design with you’d be able to share your design, though the web address above isn’t real.

The watch is still a concept but it’s a strong concept. I’d love to be able to customize my watch any time I wanted to. I guess it would all depend on how much customization you would get which would turn it’s fun factor.


December 7, 2009