Despicable Dogs by Small Black

I wanted to give you some tunes to listen to this morning so how about this new music video from Small Black for their song Despicable Dogs. The music and video are both really great and both have a really wonderful vibe to them. The music kind of reminds me of The Radio Dept., kind of has that chill, 80’s vibe to it that’s been going around. The video makes me think of The Wrestler, except it stars a surfer dude who is the lead singers uncle Matt.

The video was directed by Yoonha Park who I think did a great job. Lots of quiet beautiful moments, giving you a peak into the life of a guy who looks like he’s had an awesome life. Yoonha’s also done a ton of other great videos as well, so be sure to check out his site as well.

You can buy the 7″ from Transparent records but they’re giving away the MP3’s for free as well, so that’s pretty rad. Click here to grab those.

Found through Arkitip Intel


December 7, 2009