Random Inspiration: Black & White

I don’t think I’ve ever done anything before, but I thought I’d share some images that have recently inspired me and my work. Lately I’ve been on a big black and white kick, no colors getting in the way, just pure graphics.

The first image is the cover of Fukt, which is a Berlin based magazine that covers contemporary drawing. I love the three dimensionality of the cover mixed with the line drawings peaking through. The scribble that says “Magazine For Drawing” is also nice, I like that it’s placed on both levels.

The second image is the cover of Proximity, a Chicago-based art journal which covers contemporary art and culture in the city. I’m mildly obsessed with the logomark, which is is a diamond which been sectioned off to create separate areas for things like the logo, date and price of the magazine. It’s almost technical in it’s execution but it’s simplistic shapes and black and white palette really make it exciting to me.

The third image is a product called Good Day which was designed by the folks over at Carefully Considered. Good Day is a line of soaps and lotions that are pretty basic and minimal looking as you get. I love that the packaging has a simple logo as well as a simple code on the front letting you know if the lotions are made for oily, mild or dry skin.

The last three images come from a Brazilian/New York designer named Lucas Nasson (beware, his site is evil and not only makes your window go full screen but then gives you his portfolio in a pop-up). Nonetheless this guy is amazing, he basically eats and breathes black and white simplicity. Looking through his work there’s hardly a drop of color and it couldn’t be more exciting or gorgeous.

I hope you liked seeing what makes me tick. If you did let me know and maybe I’ll start posting more collections of inspirational stuff like this.


December 3, 2009