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Noah Kalina

Remember that guy who’s taken a picture of himself everyday for the last 9 years, Noah Kalina? Funny enough that guy is actually a pretty good photographer. I came across his Flickr the other day and found that he had a lot of really great work, though to be warned, a lot of is NSFW, unless boobs and downstairs lady bits are cool. He uses a lot of really great lighting and seems to know a ton of amazing locations as well. It even has sort of a refined Terry Richardson vibe, but definitely not biting his style.


A Smile is a Curve That Sets Everything Straight

The title is something Phyllis Diller said once. I was walking to get some beer and a sandwich and I spotted this happy little fella’ sitting in the back of a truck. Not that I was having a bad night in any way, but this certainly made it even better. It’s the little things in life like this that make me so happy. Just thought I’d share with you.


Katie Kirk

The other day I came across the work of Katie Kirk through her adorbale book, Eli, No!, about a rambunctious pup who gets into all kinds of trouble. Bu going through more of her work I found a ton of amazing stuff, like the two posters you see above. The first one is titled New York Nate and there’s just something I love about this. The cocked eyebrow? The striped yellow shirt with matching socks? Dapper and fun.

The other print is called Buy Sell Diamonds and I’m madly in love with this one. It’s 38″ x 52″ so it’s gigantic and the stark black and white with all of those patterns and texturues… ugh, it’s perfect. It looks especially amazing with a big black frame and hanging over a bed… that should be my bed!



Hello. It’s Monday again, though it’s kind of nice here in LA, it’s like 77º right now. Sadly my apartment is still freezing and I’m wearing my $5 Marc by Marc Jacobs fingerless gloves while I write this. Anyhow, things changed a bit last week. I was listening to Embryonic by Flaming Lips a ton last week, that album is just a crazy mess of a masterpiece. Final Fantasy was also listened to a ton, starting with Has A Good Home, making my through He Poos Clouds and finishing off with some Spectrum, 14ht Century. You’ve probably heard of everyone on this weeks list, but these are some of my regular faves.

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Joaquim Nielsen

Joaquim Marqués Nielsen is a Danish graphic designer who caught my eye with some of his crazy geometric patterns. He started a little series called Triad which he started making these interesting little graphics around. He started with this first one, then got a little fancier with the second and third one, and then absolutely killed it with four, five and six. What you see above is Triad 04, and a tesselation (is that the right word?) of the pattern, which is absolutely gorgeous.

Joaquim uses an illustrator plug-in called SymmetryWorks which allows you to easily make patterns, it’s really a cool plug-in. He even has a section of his blog dedicated to the patterns he’s made which are a real treat to look through.


Karl Peterson

I randomly came across the work of Karl Peterson and series he’s working on called Encyclopedia Galactica. The series consists of serene images which have been recolored and made a little more special. It’s a really simple idea and I know a ton of people do this but I really like the images chosen and the color palettes used, especially in the two images above. Be sure to check out his Flickr where you can see super large versions of these and get the full effect.



Being a person who makes icons seems like one of those professions that would sadly go overlooked by most people. Icons surround us everywhere we go but I don’t think anyone really stops and thinks about who created them. So it was nice to be turned onto the work of Stefan Dziallas, who works under the name iconwerk. Stefan is a maker of icons, creating icons for companies like AOL, Cisco, ESPN and all kinds of big clients.

I really liked these icons he put together for Fine Cooking magazine, featuring all kinds of cooking, shopping and eating icons together to “connect the content in print and on the web.” They all look so easy and simple and that’s exactly where the complexity lies.


Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.014

I’m probably asking for trouble with this week’s Mixcast, but what can I say, I like a little excitement. This week’s Mixcast is all about God, Jesus and religious stuffs. A few things to start with… I’m an atheist, but I totally believe that you can believe in whatever you want to believe in, it’s your deal and it’s none of my business. This isn’t meant to be critical of anyone’s religion, it’s just a bunch of fun music put together around a theme. If you take offense to any of it you’re an idiot, and if you try and leave a dumb comment I’m gonna’ delete it.

A lot of music over the years has been inspired by religious stuff and these are some songs that fall into that category. In fact, these are all amazing songs, no matter what their content is about. I’m not sure if this is going to end up being my most loved or most hated mix, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting nonetheless. Enjoy.

Here’s this week’s tracklist:
Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash
King of Carrot Flowers Part 2 & 3 by Neutral Milk Hotel
He’s A Mighty Good Leader by Beck
Gospel Song by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Heaven Adores You by Earlimart
Jesus by The Velvet Underground
Rapture by Pedro The Lion
Chariot by Page France
Archangel Tale by M. Ward
Crosses by José González
My Sweet Lord by Yim Yames
Angel in the Snow by The Robot Ate Me


PRISM Gallery presents ‘mindthegap’ with Barry McGee & Phil Frost

Last night I had the opportunity to check out a new gallery space here in Los Angeles called PRISM, which now resides in the space where Tower Records used to be on Sunset Blvd., for those of you who know the area. For the inaugural show they asked RVCA founder P.M. Tenore to curate it, bringing in two amazing artists, Barry McGee and Phil Frost. These guys have been two of my favorites since way back when, so having the chance to see their art up close was awesome.

The space itself is absolutely gigantic. It’s two floors of pure gallery space with a third roof level acting as a patio area. It was amazing to see that Barry and Phil were able to fill up that entire space, there wasn’t a nook or cranny that was left untouched. It must have taken these guys months of planning to fill up the whole gallery.

The work itself was great and it was really fun to be able to look close up at the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into each one. I never realized that Phil Frost puts old comic books and newspapers behind his pieces, giving them an extremely layered feeling. Barry McGee’s work was so precise and perfect it was kind of annoying. He must tape off these geometric patterns extremely carefully.

I took a TON of photos at the event, and you’ll find 24 more under the cut. Enjoy them all and if you get a chance to see the show I highly suggest you do it, it’s definitely one of the best of the year.

EDIT: I just realized that I was standing behind Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue Carine Roitfield at the party. I needed to get by her on the stairs and she smiled and let me past. Crazy world.

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Apple’s New New York Store

A couple of days ago Apple unveiled a brand new store in New York’s Upper West Side that to me, is absolutely stunning. A friend of mine wrote on my Facebook that it looked like a greenhouse, and I think that’s a pretty apt description, only a greenhouse on an epic scale. The store is a part of a change of thought on Apple’s part, going from smaller stores to much larger stores. I can’t say I’ve ever been in a small Apple store, but it should be interesting to see how much bigger they can all get.

The huge glass ceiling is absolutely beautiful and really shows that they innovate and break the mold no matter what they’re doing, including areas like architecture. I wonder if this new location will be as popular as their Central Park location?

Found through Gizmodo