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Border Grill Truck

Yesterday ended up being one of those non-stop days so to regain a little bit of sanity I decided to walk down the street to the Farmers Market at Barnsdall Park where the Border Grill Truck was parked. Los Angeles has a food truck for every type of food you can imagine, but most of the time they don’t come near where I live, there’s really nothing around me that would draw them. So I took this as an opportunity to try some yummy food!

I ended up getting three items. The Yucatan Pork Taco, the Cilantro Chicken Taco and the Carne Asada Quesadilla. My favorite of the three was definitely the Yucatan Pork Taco which has “braised achiote pork, black beans, pickled onion and orange jicama slaw.” It was a crazy mix of flavors and overall was delicious and at the time wished I had 4 more. To wash it down I ordered their Iced Mexican Coffee which has cinnamon, star anise, orange zest and piloncillo syrup. It was also delicious.

My only problem was the price tag. I ended up spending $13 at a taco truck. It’s definitely above and beyond a normal taco truck, but it still stung a little. Nonetheless I’d definitely suggest checking them out.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mel Kadel

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mel Kadel

Mel Kadel

This week features one of my favorite lady artists out there, who goes by the name of Mel Kadel (or as some know her as Travis Millard’s better half.) I met Mel at a Poketo party a while back and since then had been meaning to ask her to contribute to the DWP, which she kindly did, as you can see above.

When she first sent me this image, I stared and stared at it. Slowly I started to realize that the image isn’t mechanically flipped, that she actually drew both sides. That’s friggin’ dedication. The image comes from a little zine she produced called Spacing Awake. It’s a full-color, 40 page zine and it looks amazing, she was rad enough to send me one so I could check it out.

If you want to pick one up for yourself or a friend head over to Fudge Factory and click under the BUY section.

New Work from Ryohei Hase

The brilliant painter Ryohei Hase, who I posted about last year, is back again with some new pieces. There are three in total and they continue to show just how damn talented he is. I’m not sure what the title of the piece above is but it’s incredible, and dare I say it, he’s starting to give James Jean a run for his money. I love the elephant head on the right and the interplay that’s going on with the hand below him, almost as if he’s stumbling out of the little girls imagination.



I was browsing the portfolio of Brendan Schaefer, aka seek&speak, and came across these imaginary covers he did for Blu-Ray versions of movies. The point was to distill the films into a simple image, showing only the basic components of these movies. I love that he chose to go with black, white and gray, as obviously you don’t even need colors for these and they look amazing all together. Be sure to check out the rest of his work as well, I’m sure you’ll recognize some of his movie posters as well.


‘Aqualta’ by Studio Lindfors

BLDGBLOG posted a nice write up of a project by Studio Lindfors called Aqualta which imagines New York and Tokyo almost entirely covered by water. The images are pretty crazy and inventive, giving you a peak at a time that could possibly happen if global warming continues and the ice caps continue melting. My favorite image was the one above, featuring Times Square still lit up brightly with boats passing by and gondolas floating by above.

Click here for a Flickr set with large images of the project.


‘Veneer’ by Levi van Veluw

Looks like Levi van Veluw is back with a new series, this time titled Veneer. What’s different though is that instead of wrapping himself in odd materials he’s chosen to make a bust of himself and take photos from the same angle as he normally would. This allows him to get into more complicated materials like wood , which I couldn’t imagine doing these kinds of crazy things to himself. They’re really great pieces though and he’s definitely continuing his creative streak.

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2000 Posts

I’m kind of behind on this, but somewhere in the past couple weeks I posted my 2000th entry. I started the blog on April 1, 2007, which was 1004 days ago, or roughly 2.5 years. Since then I’ve written about an average of 2 posts per day, which seems kinda crazy to look back at it like that. I just want to say thanks for reading the blog. I’ve met so many rad people and I’m looking to meeting a lot more as the years go by. Thank you for being a friend.


Neighborhood Currencies

Jason Santa Maria asked the Communicating Design class he teaches at SVA to create currencies inspired by local New York neighborhoods. The students randomly drew boroughs out of a hat and were then told to research that area, drawing upon it’s culture. The results were pretty awesome with students coming up with some pretty creative ideas.

My favorite is the image you see at top, which is a currency for the Chelsea area, but more specifically the Chelsea Market. It was designed by Eric St. Onge who ended up basing the shapes and patterns on Nabisco products. As it turns out the Chelsea Market was the former Nabsico Factory:

“Rather than designing a currency for the large and diverse neighborhood of Chelsea, I decided to focus in and design a currency for one building in that neighborhood: Chelsea Market. Chelsea Market was built as a factory for Nabisco, but it now hosts offices, grocery stores, retail shops, and restaurants. The building’s architecture is inspired by its factory roots, so I thought it would be interesting to design a currency inspired by its former factory products. Each denomination in my currency adopts the form factor of a Nabisco cracker: Nilla Wafers, Fig Newtons, Oreo Cookies, Ritz Crackers, and Saltine Crackers. The geometric design from the face of the Oreo Cookie is used to tie all five of the designs together.”

You can click here to see the rest of the designs.

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Apolis Activism Philanthropist Briefcase

Apolis Activism recently teamed up with the folks over at Filson to create the Philanthropist Briefcase, a bag that’s not only perfect looking but helps people at the same time. They’ve created 400 of these bags which utilizes the entire years yield of cotton from three farmers in Northern Uganda. With the help from the folks over at Invisible Children, who are some of the nicest, most proactive people ever, they’re helping these communities grow larger and increase their local economies.

So not only is helping people it’s a beautiful bag. The shape and style is absolutely perfect and I want one desperately now. The dark blue canvas with the brown leather is a perfect combo and the gold details on the zippers and buttons are classic.


Black Bear T-shirt by Always With Honor

I haven’t posted about a t-shirt in a while it feels like, mostly because I stopped buying them a while back. But then an amazing look shirt like this one from Always With Honor comes by and gets me drooling. The design features a rad looking black bear, simple and geometric. What really makes this shirt something are the colors, the combination of red, blue, black with touches of yellow makes this amazing.

They’re only $25 and are limited to only a 100, so you better get a move on.