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Micah Lidberg

I’m always in awe of people who can create interesting repeating patterns. Like when I look at the work of Micah Lidberg, I think about how easy he makes it all look, and that if I sat down with a bunch of paints I could totally do that…. yeah, right. Micah’s work is extremely layered and detailed and definitely not limited to patterns, though I think there’s the same sort of rhythm to everything he does. Be sure to visit his site and check out the huge images and soak in all the details.


Makr Angle Wallet

Last July I got an email from a guy named Jason letting me know that he started a small leather goods line and asked me to check it out. Cut to last week as I’m opening up the newest issue of GQ, looking through their holiday gift guide. Checking out their pick for the best wallet you could buy is a wallet by Makr, the company which is owned by that same guy named Jason and the very same wallet I carry in my back pocket every day.

Shortly after he sent me that email he sent me the wallet, so I’ve been carrying it around for about a year and a half now, and it’s still in amazing shape. Honestly, I keep waiting for the threads to break or something, but they’re still holding fast like the day I received it. The style is called the Angle Wallet, and it’s designed perfectly because it makes you edit all the crap out of your wallet, like too many store coupon cards and random business cards.

As GQ describes it, and as I can testify, “Like a pair of leather long-wings, this wallet breaks in and gets better every day.” Congrats Jason!


Dan Funderburgh Print for The Working Proof

My buddy Dan Funderburgh has created a new print for the folks over at The Working Proof and it’s quite a beaut’. It’s called Optimist Club / Midwestern Can Snake and features an intricately designed snake you’d find in a can of trick peanuts coiling around a plastic six pack holder, with a few bits here and there.

I’m really in love with this print and I want it to hang with my other Funderburghs. It’s an 11 x 14″ print for $40, 15% of the gross sale goes to Transportation Alternative, who’s mission is “to reclaim New York City’s streets from the automobile, and to advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit as the best transportation alternatives.” Sounds good to me.


Muji and Lego Collaborate

Muji, minimalist makers of everything under the sun, have teamed up with everyone’s favorite toy Lego to create new creative packs that are distinctly in touch with their brand. These sets feel like they’re more in the spirit of how Legos used to be, strictly based on a persons creativity. Nowadays all you see on the shelves are packed sets with instructions on how to make something, which to me takes all the fun out of it.

Muji has decided to combine the blocks with brightly colored paper and a hole puncher, giving these sets an entirely new dimension. They come with some pre-cut designs, I would assume to get you thinking, but other then that it’s all up to you. Lego needs to get their act together and start making more like this and less Indiana Jones playsets.

Found through Nerdski


Siana Branding and Identity by Helmo

I posted about Helmo last spring but I came across them again and they’ve got a whole slew of new projects. The one that caught my eye was this branding and identity project done for Siana, an international arts festival. It’s a simple application, using lot of tiny pixels to create shapes, but it’s these abstract shapes that are absolutely wonderful. Whether it’s used on an outdoor billboard or printed i a booklet it looks amazing, with a wide range of colors and a flowing, organic shape. I also love that the font used throughout looks like it was created out of rounded pixels. So fun and dynamic, it makes me jealous!

Found through The Strange Attractor


Furni x Toddland Bag

My buddy Mike Giles, owner and purveyor of Furni, teamed up with the fine folks of Toddland to create a limited edition bad that I’m totally drooling over. These vinyl bags look like perfect messenger bags with a hardy strap and a side pouch for your laptop. I’m really digging the flannel lining in the laptop pouch as well, it’s details like that which really give it some character. I’d love this bag to take around town with me because I walk everywhere, so it’s nice to be prepared for anything. I think I’d pick the brown over the black, but that’s me.

Click here for more information on this collaboration.


ATNMBL by Mike and Maaike

In the newest issue of Dwell Editor-in-Chief Sam Grawe interviews Mike and Maaike about their futuristic concept car ATNMBl, pronounced “autonomobile.” They decided to create this concept for themselves, envisioning a car that’s nothing like anything you’d see today, in fact it was designed for the year 2040. The idea is that you’d no longer drive your car, that it would be a vehicle that you travel in. You would be able to do all the things you normally do when not travelling, that it simply shuttles you from one place to another.

This is obviously quite far off but the idea is sound and makes a lot of sense. We’ve seen this idea before in the movie Minority Report, where mag-lev cars run on tracks, shuttling people around. You simply tell the car your destination and it does all the work for you. This would not only improve safety a hundred times over but would make the idea of road rage a thing of the past.

You can read the article by clicking here.

UPDATE – On a similar note, check out this short that Disney released in 1958 called Magic Highway USA which features crazier ideas than this one. Found through Daring Fireball.

There’s also a nice video interview as well which I’ve pasted under the cut.

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‘An Owl With Knees’ by The Books

Tonight I’ll be seeing The Books in concert at the Masonic Lodge in the Hollywood Forever Cemetary and I couldn’t be more excited. I think the last time they played in LA, or at least to my knowledge, was something like three years ago at The Getty Center or Villa and it sold out in no time and I wasn’t able to see them. There’s just something about The Books that really make me happy, they don’t really make music like anyone else.

Above is the video for An Owl With Knees which is probably one of my favorite songs. It’s not an amazing video by any means, but it’s certainly wonderful to sit back and watch. You can find this song on their album Lost and Safe.