Makr Angle Wallet

Last July I got an email from a guy named Jason letting me know that he started a small leather goods line and asked me to check it out. Cut to last week as I’m opening up the newest issue of GQ, looking through their holiday gift guide. Checking out their pick for the best wallet you could buy is a wallet by Makr, the company which is owned by that same guy named Jason and the very same wallet I carry in my back pocket every day.

Shortly after he sent me that email he sent me the wallet, so I’ve been carrying it around for about a year and a half now, and it’s still in amazing shape. Honestly, I keep waiting for the threads to break or something, but they’re still holding fast like the day I received it. The style is called the Angle Wallet, and it’s designed perfectly because it makes you edit all the crap out of your wallet, like too many store coupon cards and random business cards.

As GQ describes it, and as I can testify, “Like a pair of leather long-wings, this wallet breaks in and gets better every day.” Congrats Jason!


November 25, 2009