Siana Branding and Identity by Helmo

I posted about Helmo last spring but I came across them again and they’ve got a whole slew of new projects. The one that caught my eye was this branding and identity project done for Siana, an international arts festival. It’s a simple application, using lot of tiny pixels to create shapes, but it’s these abstract shapes that are absolutely wonderful. Whether it’s used on an outdoor billboard or printed i a booklet it looks amazing, with a wide range of colors and a flowing, organic shape. I also love that the font used throughout looks like it was created out of rounded pixels. So fun and dynamic, it makes me jealous!

Found through The Strange Attractor


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  1. Dusty November 25, 2009 at 4:58 PM

    The White and Colored Smoke projects are so dope. Great post.

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