Muji and Lego Collaborate

Muji, minimalist makers of everything under the sun, have teamed up with everyone’s favorite toy Lego to create new creative packs that are distinctly in touch with their brand. These sets feel like they’re more in the spirit of how Legos used to be, strictly based on a persons creativity. Nowadays all you see on the shelves are packed sets with instructions on how to make something, which to me takes all the fun out of it.

Muji has decided to combine the blocks with brightly colored paper and a hole puncher, giving these sets an entirely new dimension. They come with some pre-cut designs, I would assume to get you thinking, but other then that it’s all up to you. Lego needs to get their act together and start making more like this and less Indiana Jones playsets.

Found through Nerdski


November 24, 2009