ATNMBL by Mike and Maaike

In the newest issue of Dwell Editor-in-Chief Sam Grawe interviews Mike and Maaike about their futuristic concept car ATNMBl, pronounced “autonomobile.” They decided to create this concept for themselves, envisioning a car that’s nothing like anything you’d see today, in fact it was designed for the year 2040. The idea is that you’d no longer drive your car, that it would be a vehicle that you travel in. You would be able to do all the things you normally do when not travelling, that it simply shuttles you from one place to another.

This is obviously quite far off but the idea is sound and makes a lot of sense. We’ve seen this idea before in the movie Minority Report, where mag-lev cars run on tracks, shuttling people around. You simply tell the car your destination and it does all the work for you. This would not only improve safety a hundred times over but would make the idea of road rage a thing of the past.

You can read the article by clicking here.

UPDATE – On a similar note, check out this short that Disney released in 1958 called Magic Highway USA which features crazier ideas than this one. Found through Daring Fireball.

There’s also a nice video interview as well which I’ve pasted under the cut.


November 24, 2009