‘Heaven Can Wait’ by Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album seems to be shaping up nicely, especially now that I’ve heard her new song Heaven Can Wait. Beck, who produced her upcoming album IRM, is also featured on this track and the two of them sound pretty great together. But it’s funny because it’s not only the song, the video is equally creative and amazing.

It was directed by Keith Schofied whom also did the video for BPA’s Toe Jam, where the people make fun shapes out of the censor bars. I’ve watched this video like 10 times now and I”m still catching new things. It’s funny how it seems like such a weird and bizarre version of Los Angeles, but not that far from the truth. How rad is the part where the guy is being chased by the ax?!

Amazing track and an amazing video, definitely one (two?) of the best of the year.


November 20, 2009