RRR 001

My buddy Mike Perry sent me a copy of this new zine he helped co-publish called RRR. It’s basically a big colorful art book which contains recycled thoughts and ideas contained in a book you won’t want to waste. The rough theme of the book is about the earth and nature and a lot of it is centered around that theme. Most of the book is printed in two colors though there’s a center chunk which is full color. The book has a crazy amount of artists as well:

Anna Wolf, Alex Krastev, Andrew Holder, Art Brewer, Brian Foster, Brian Willimont, Brookes Reeder, Carlo van de Roer, Charles Adler, Chris Partelow, Chris Pfeil, Deke Smith, Gigi, Gregory Comollo, Greg Lamarche, James Victore, Jenny Bowers, Jess Leitmanis, John Esguerra, Jonathan Sandridge, Julie Goldstein, Justin Krietemeyer, Kassia Meador, Kelly Lynn Jones, Lynn Milosz, MarK Tesi, Mary Dunlap­, Massimiliano Bomba, Matt Lindauer, Matt Schwartz, Mike Perry, Mike Afsa, Mike Joyce, Mark Kane, Paul Sahre, Robin Cameron, Ryan Tatar, Scott Richards, Scott Massey, Steven Harrington, Stephanie Hosmer, Shelly Voorhees, Urchin

Crazy, right? It’s absolutely beautiful book though, I hope they make more of these.
If you’d like to pick one up for yourself click here.

November 12, 2009 / By