The Desktop Wallpaper Project by Alex Cornell

The Desktop Wallpaper Project by Alex Cornell

Alex Cornell

I’m so excited for this week’s Desktop Wallpaper Project artist that I’m currently writing this at 4:15 AM my time, that says something, right? The man’s name is Alex Cornell. He’s a design student living in San Francisco and he’s also a blogger over on ISO50 as well. Alex is such a talented guy that it’s kind of gross. You may have seen his work before, he did that awesome Wes Andersen Film Festival project a little while ago… oh yeah, and he’s a singer/songwriter. Like I said, annoying.

For his wallpaper he’s created this really simple and beautiful design with a simple message. I’ve had this as my wallpaper for a while now, it’s really easy to work with, especially if you handle graphics all day long. Simple, elegant, beautiful.

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