Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper

The fine folks at Gestalten sent me this really awesome book a couple weeks ago called Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper and I’ve really been enjoying it. The book explores the realms of artistic uses of paper, everything from fine art to large scale installations. The book has like 240 pages of just photos of work which is kind of crazy that they could find that much on something that I kind of saw as a niche medium. But with 141 artists featured it’s definitely something substantial.

It also features a DVD that comes with all kinds of goodies. There are papercraft videos and commercials for you to watch, as well as templates to create your own papercraft toys. Pretty neat idea, huh?

I also wanted to point out that I was surprised to see that Kitsune Noir made it into the book, which I had no idea of before being sent the book. My friends over at Bosque were awesome and decided to submit their desktop wallpaper for the book. You can download their desktop wallpaper by clicking here.

Check out some more photos from the book under the cut.


November 3, 2009