Scooter Gang: The Yamaha EC-f and Honda EV-Cub

Over at the Tokyo Auto Show last week there were a couple of new vehicles that caught my eye. Both are scooters, though one of them looks more like an X-Box with two wheels attached to it. The first and second photos are of the Yamaha EC-f and EC-fs, respectively, both of which are electric scooters with lithium ion batter packs. They may look somewhat Tron-esque but sadly probably aren’t going to go much faster than around 30 MPH. I’ll admit that the green one looks a bit silly, but that black one looks like it would have a hover mode, shooting you off into the night sky.

The third and fourth photos are of the newly augmented Honda EV-Cub, the rebirth of Honda’s classic motorcycle. Like the Yamaha this one has electric motors powering both wheels and a battery pack of some kind, details are still sketchy. But judging it purely on it’s aesthetics it looks like it has a nice mixture of odl and new, with a creme colored body but also shiny blue LEDs popping up in places like the wheels. It’s almost like a Vespa from the future, which I personally think is pretty rad.

Found through Autoblog


November 1, 2009