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The Stairs of Juilliard

Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the architects behind the re-opening of the High Line, also just opened up the doors on it’s newly completed buildings for Juilliard, the performing arts school in New York. Photographer Iwan Baan took some incredible photos of the new spaces but what really caught my eye were the stairs throughout. In the first two photos seem to be a kind of main stairway which remind me of the stairs in the Prada store in Beverly Hills which act as displays as well, though in the case of Juilliard it’s become a common area for people to sit and socialize.

In the third photo is a set of stairs which looks something like ribs floating in the air. It’s a neat effect and I’ve never seen stairs constructed quite like this. The punch of red on the inside make them absolutely awesome. In the last photo it’s not so much about the stairs but how the end of the stairs sort of transform into benches both at the top and bottom levels. It’s a clever detail that will probably go unrecognized.

It’s interesting to me that they put such effort into the stairs, but it makes a lot of sense as well. Stairs often get neglected, being relegated to back alleys or enclosed in stairwells, but I’ve been seeing more and more of a push to make stairs more visible. They can always be used visually as something as exciting plus it encourages people (Read: Americans) to not be lazy and take elevators all the time.

Found through ArchDaily


Field Notes Colors Commercial

For my work I use two things to keep me organized. The first is a to-do list for my computer called TaskMate which allows me to write down everything I’m going to be writing about for the next few days or so. It’s simple and uncomplicated and gets the job done. The second thing is my Field Notes memo book with graph paper. A lot of the time I’m trying to juggle a bunch of things so I try to write everything down and then check it off afterward.

I got an email a few weeks ago that they were releasing a new color set called Just Below Zero which come in Steel Grey, Sno-Cone and Steel Blue, all with metallic silver printing on the cover. Mine are just plain brown, which suits me just fine, but these new ones are pretty sweet. I’d definitely be ordering a set if I hadn’t just received a three pack not too long ago.


Free Helveticons Folders

The designer behind Helveticons, the set of 245 Helvetica based icons, has released some free folder designs to spruce up your desktop a bit.

On my desktop I have standard folders for most everything, but I have 3 folders used for blog post ideas, inspiration and projects which I use different looking folders to help separate them. I switched to these Helveticons folders and now really stand out, with they’re bright yellow against the dark desktop wallpaper (I’ve been using Alex Cornell’s wallpaper). Fun and free make me happy.



My brain still thinks it’s on vacation, so I apologize for not having posted until now. Last week was filled with more socializing with family than listening to music so it’s not a very robust week. The Silent League and Toro y Moi’s new ones were definitely prevailing last week. As I wrote on Twitter earlier, Toro y Moi’s new album Causers of This sounds like Cut Copy channeling J. Dilla, but I think I want to revise that to J. Dilla possessing Cut Copy and Phoenix.

After that is some Mount Eerie, which popped up on last week’s Mixcast, as well as Jens Carelius, another guy you should check out if you haven’t done so yet.

Add me on and let me know what you’ve got playing this week in the comments.


Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.016

Can you believe it’s already Friday? I should currently be relaxing with a full belly of Thanksgiving treats and enjoying the company of my family, hopefully you’re doing something similar.

This week’s mix was created in a bit of a hurry, but I think it turned out pretty well. I approached this week’s mix a little bit differently, creating a big chunk of songs in the middle which go for about 36 minutes or so. Let me know if you prefer this format or if I should continue breaking up the Mixcasts like I have in the past. I hope you enjoy the mix and let me know if anything catches your ear!

Here’s this week’s tracklist:
Softness I Forgot Your Name by Montag
Graze by Animal Collective
Resignation Studies by The Silent League
Kaufman’s Ballad by Megafaun
Okay by Venice is Sinking
Teeth by Bowerbirds
Total Destruction by Akron/Family
Hen of the Woods by The Cave Singers
Into The Fog by Jens Carelius
Lost Wisdom by Mount Eerie
To Anyone by Horse Stories
Criminals (Electronic) by Atlas Sound


Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to send a quick wish saying Happy Thanksgiving. I’m going to be away from the blog for the rest of the week, but no worries, there’s still a Mixcast waiting for you come tomorrow. Be sure to tell your family and friends that you love them no matter what you celebrate!


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Jez Burrows

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Jez Burrows

Jez Burrows

Manischewitz, it’s already Wednesday. This week is flying by and it’s only going to get better with the addition of this new desktop wallpaper. This week’s Desktop Wallpaper Project contributor is a guy named Jez Burrows. You might remember Jez as one of the co-creators of the book We Are The Friction that I posted about a couple months back. He’s also a fantastic designer and just recently updated his online portfolio, so be sure to check it out.

For this week’s wallpaper he’s put together a simple and beautiful piece consisting of a small town with a red string making it’s way all around it. It’s a really elegant design that should only boost your creativity throughout the day. Also, If you’re an iPhone owner I’d suggest downloading the corresponding version, it’s pretty rad.

Ciara Phelan

I’m loving these intricate little collages pieced together by the talented Ciara Phelan. Ciara is a freelance designer working in London who “particularly likes cutting things out of paper.” I think that she should definitely stick to paper as she makes some really cool collages like the ones above which she created for a series of record sleeves. Lots of fun randomness that somehow comes together and makes sense.