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Emanuele Nardoni

Check out these haunting images of India by Italian photographer Emanuele Nardoni. He has quite a few sets of images on his Behance portfolio but these images of India are by far the most stunning. The two above were my favorite, they look like something out of a sci-fi movie and the colors and shapes are really captivating. Be sure to view the rest of the set as well, there are some great portraits in there as well.


Invoice for Day-Ruining

Amazing creative person Jessica Hische tweeted earlier today her new Invoice for Services Rendered Day-Ruining. This handy invoice form covers all the bases, like expenses for drinks, pizza, drugs, phone calls and general time-wasted. I love how many zeroes you could fit on the ‘In The Amount Of:’ box, that’s probably close to a googolplex. And of course, you get to sign it at the end, with a tiny note stating, ‘a designer who will most likely never work for you again.’

You can download your own full-res copy here.


Apple’s New Magic Mouse

Earlier today Apple announced some revamped products including a new iMacs, MacBook, Mac Mini and my favorite, the Magic Mouse. While it may be ill-named, I think they may have just recreated the computer mouse as we know it. The new Magic Mouse now uses multi-touch sensors like the iPhone and the MacBooks track pad, plus the whole thing is a giant button. So now you can left and right click, and it knows what you’re trying to do. You can also scroll anywhere on it’s surface as well as use multi-touch gestures to do things like flip pages or browse Cover Flow in iTunes. Sadly this puppy is $69, which is pretty steep for a new mouse, though I don’t doubt that’s it’s not worth it. Although if it really shot out those blue waves like in the photo above, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

John Gruber over on Daring Fireball pointed out that the Apple Remote has also been redesigned and is being sold separately for $18. While it’s nice looking, I’m not really sure why this was necessary, it seems like kind of a silly adjustment to a product that worked fine.


Matthew Brannon

While searching for stuff about Matthew Cerletty I came across another artistic Matthew, this time named Matthew Brannon. Maybe today should just be about creative guys named Matthew…? Anyhow, Mr. Brannon works in screenprinting, creating simplified images of random things, though it’s their simplicity that I really enjoy. How his work is fine art, especially compared to a lot of illustrators I know, I’m not really sure. But there’s something about his work which is really aesthetically pleasing. The NY Times did an article about him in early 2007 which goes into a little more depth about his work and his of poetry in it, which you can read here.


Mathew Cerletty

Matthew Cerletty is a New York painter originally from Wisconsin who started out painting portraits but has recently gotten into simple, more pop art style paintings. While I’m not such a fan of his Diet Coke or The Economist paintings, I think that his portraits are really beautiful. The realism in the paintings is really striking and I really like the brightness and vibrancy of the colors he uses. Interview Magazine did a little interview with him which you can read here.


Death Blossom by David Choe

Starting this Saturday at 12:01 AM PST David Choe will be putting some limited edition prints up for sale. There are 4 prints total, three Choebots and then the painting you see above which is titled Death Blossom. I’m totally in love with this one, it’s just amazing to me that anyone can think in such beautifully, abstract ways. It’s also pretty rad because the print is 44″ x 44″, so this would look amazing on a wall. It’s only $555 which doesn’t really seem like that much for such a great print.

For more information about ordering one of these click here.


Christian Borstlap

Danish Dutch designer Christian Borstlap sent me an email with some images of a set of national stamps he’s created that benefit children. The images on the stamps are totally adorable and make me jealous that the U.S. doesn’t have stamps like these. My favorite is the one where the squiggle people are all standing around the book reading it. Too much awesomeness.


‘Here Comes The Waves’: ‘The Hazards of Love’ Visualized

Tonight at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus The Decemberists will be playing a very special show as a part of their tour. They’ve commissioned four filmmakers, Guilherme Marcondes, Julia Pott, Peter Sluszka and Santa Mari, to create visuals that coincide with their most recent album, The Hazards of Love. The show is called Here Comes The Waves and will feature the band playing the entire album along to the visuals that have been created.

This is being put on by friends over at Flux, who’ve yet again created another amazing event to go to here in Los Angeles. The event is also benefiting The Grammy Foundation helps support music programs for high school students. Check out the preview above, it’s a pretty great look at how amazing the work in the show is.

Royce Hall / UCLA
340 Royce Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Box Office 310-825-2101


‘We Were Once A Fairytale’

While I may think my description of Where The Wild Things Are was pretty good, I have no idea what to say about Spike Jonze’s newest endeavor. This 11 minute short features Kanye West in a film called We Were Once A Fairytale, a bizarre little journey that I still don’t quite understand, but am strangely intrigued by. The best parts are at the end, so you’ll have to watch and see for yourself.


Review: Where The Wild Things Are

Last Friday morning I took the bus down to the Arclight to see Where The Wild Things Are, something I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. I saw the movie by myself, I guess in hopes that I could soak up the movie to the fullest. The build up for this movie is unlike any I’ve ever seen for a movie. I don’t think anyone really knew what to expect going into it, but I can say I was more than pleased and was immensely touched by the movie.

If you’ve seen the movie, keep reading under the cut for my thoughts on the movie. If you haven’t I suggest you go see it and then let me know what you think.

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