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Richard Hogg

Richard Hogg is a British illustrator who does some really simple and fun illustrations. The piece above is my favorite, which is a textile design he did for Labour of Love, a boutique in London. Al of the imagery is so rad and old time-y like the cameo, ship in a bottle and the aviary under a bell jar. The colors are also quite fitting. Richard also has a Downloads section where you can snag a couple cool wallpapers and a Shop in case you want a cute print.

Stranger Than Kindness by Fever Ray

Karin Andersson, better know as one half of The Knife and her own solo work Fever Ray, has a new video out and it continues her creepy but amazing streak. The song is a cover of Nick Cave’s Stranger Than Kindness and it’s a pretty good version of, though with some characteristically Fever Ray instrumentals behind it. The video was directed by frequent collaborator Andreas Nilsson who also did the video for If I Had a Heart.

The video features Karin looking like an old woman and there’s a whole bunch of lasers shooting everywhere. Of course it has a really dark ambience to it all or it wouldn’t be a Fever Ray video.Really great song with a really crazy looking music video.

Found through Gorilla vs. Bear


Blue Inks by Andy Smith

The awesome Andy Smith was nice enough to send me a copy of his new book Blue Inks. The story is about a family of blue folks and their day to day life, all drawn in Andy’s great style. The book comes in a limited editinof 200, all silkscreened, which gives it such a nice tactile quality. This is definitely recommended for kids who will get a kick out of all the weird things the blue inks do, but adults will enjoy it just as much for it’s craftsmanship.

You can pick up your own copy here.


Microsoft Store Fails at Ripping Off Apple

The video above is a glimpse into the new Microsoft Store, Microsoft’s attempt at trying to out-do Apple. It’s only a minute long but I think it gives plenty of insight into these new spaces. In the beginning of the video you see a kiosk through the window with 14 different versions of Windows, which makes me giggle some. After that there’s the cheering mob of cheering people, who we can guess are Microsoft Store employees. This whole parade just sort of reeks of trying to hard, I can’t imagine anyone but a 10 year old (and there are 10 year olds in the video) getting a kick out of such a welcome.

Looking around the store you see the floor to ceiling glass in the front, a la Apple, but really that’s all the Apple-ness I see. On every inch of wall there are displays which seem to display a landscape (maybe?) but then shifts color. I can’t imagine that being a good way to sell computers, distracting people from looking at the products by some Las Vegas-style visuals. The wood in the space is about 14 different colors, so there’s really no consistency there. It looks like the might be selling luggage in there as well.

It also looks like they’re selling about a thousand things in there, which if you look at an Apple store, is about the exact opposite thing you can do. Apple stores are easy because they have a limited number of products for you to try and there’s no nonsense. I cant imagine walking into this store and trying to figure out all the differences between so many computers. I also didn’t see any Zunes which is kind of weird, but I probably just missed them.

I think they’ve totally missed the mark on what a modern technology store is. More than anything this reminds me of a Sony Style store, which is just a ton of random products all thrown together. Yes, people still shop there, but I doubt it’s anything like the business Apple is doing.

This is another post where if you want to comment, please be constructive about it. Yes I know I’m ragging on this store, but I’ve given plenty of reasons why I think it’s crap. If you don’t then I’ll delete it, easy peasy. Thanks for understanding.


Rory Kurtz

I’m really enjoying the ultra-detailed illustrations of Rory Kurtz, a Chicago based artist. Rory works in both ink and paint, creating these kind of surreal images that have kind of an Aeon Flux/Peter Chung feel to them. The people in his work have this distorted, stretched out look to them but they still look perfect and are only made better by all the subtle line work he uses.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Geoff McFetridge (Part 1)

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Geoff McFetridge

Geoff McFetridge

You can download Geoff McFetridge’s other wallpaper by clicking here.

Days like today are the reason I love my job. Ever since the start of The Desktop Wallpaper Project, I’ve been trying to get Geoff McFetridge to make a wallpaper. Geoff has always been more then gracious about it, but you know, he’s a very busy man. Then I saw that he did all of the lettering for Where The Wild Things Are and thought, “I REALLY need to email him.”

What we have here is original Where The Wild Things Are drawings straight from Geoff himself. If you’ve seen the film you should know that the monsters in the top wallpapers are the ones you see in the credits of the movie, sans the names. The second wallpaper is a collection of tiny sketches all thrown together into one. I suggest you check out the iPhone version of this one, I put together a Wild Things version that’s pretty fun.

I hope you enjoy the wallpapers and I want to give a big thanks to Geoff for hooking me up. Keep checking back for the next couple months, I have so much more to give you!

The Revenge of the Two Seaters

The Frankfurt Auto Show had a couple of interesting surprises this year, both of them coming in petite sizes. The two cars above, the Nissan Land Glider and the Volkswagen L1, are both two seater concept cars. I definitely feel like smaller cars are the future of driving, and seeing ideas like these really get me excited.

Of the two I’m definitely more in love with Nissan concept, the Land Glider. The design reminds me of an enclosed motorcycle, especially when you take corners and the vehicle leans up to 17 degrees to improve stability. When it leans there are front and rear panels that move along with it and they totally remind me of shoulder blades, which to me is a really neat idea.

You can check out videos of both of these vehicles under the cut.

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Fujimoto Hideto

Born in 1970, Fujimoto Hideto is a Japanese illustrator who has a great retro feel to his work. A lot of his pieces feel like they should be album covers to records from the 60’s, and I think that’s what’s so great about them. He also works really well with colors, bringing a vibrancy to his work. I think he uses illustrator to create his images, but I definitely could be wrong. I guess that means he’s succeeded if I can’t figure out what his medium is.

Found through the Poolga Blog


24 Hours: The Starck Mix

Last month the folks over at Soundwalk released a 24 hour long mix that was created for Philippe Starck. The mix is one giant loop which never ends, giving you a constant stream of music that’s entirely mixed together from beginning to… oh, right.

They’ve presented the mix in a couple different ways. First, you can download an app for your iPhone or iPod touch that allows you to listen to it through your headphones. I tried this the other night, and I actually fell asleep to all the weird ambient sounds and I’m pretty sure there French people speaking. The other way is through your browser, which you can find here. They also let you control the music in a small way. You can shake the iPhone, the real one or the browser version, and it’ll change times, and thus, the mood of the music.

It’s a really great idea and the music is really wonderful. I heard a couple of Erick Messler songs on there which surprised me, cuz’ I didn’t think anyone knew who he was. I’m sad I didn’t come up with this idea first for the mixcasts or mixtapes!

Found through DesignNotes