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Chris Ware’s Halloween Cover for The New Yorker

Since Halloween is this Saturday, Chris Ware created a seasonally themed cover for The New Yorker that shows the holiday in a modern light. It’s really a genius cover, the children in masks and the parents bathed in the eerie light of their iPhones, classical looking but still entirely poignant. Mr. Ware also contributed a four page story for the inside of the magazine called Unmasked which is really well done and extremely well written like everything else the man does.

You can see a larger version of the cover and read the story over on The New Yorker site by clicking here.


Sam Weber’s Illustrated Edition of Lord of the Flies

Sam Weber posted some images of the illustrated edition of Lord of the Flies and they’re absolutely stunning. Working with The Folio Society he was able to illustrate key scenes in the book, giving an intense reality to the classic book. I know that if I would have read this book in high school with these images I would have been a hell of a lot more interested in it. I’m a very visual person and this would have absolutely filled in all the blanks for me.

Sadly, you have to be a member of The Folio Society to buy the book, otherwise I would purchase this in a heartbeat. You can click here to see more images of the book on Sam’s site.

Found through Richard Perez


Little White Lies and Huck WTWTA Covers by Geoff McFetridge

The folks over at The Church of London sent me a preview of some Geoff McFetridge drawn Where The Wild Things Are images that will be gracing the covers of both Little White Lies and Huck. For Little White Lies the upcoming issue will be centered around Where The Wild Things Are, and Huck will have an interview with Mr. Spike Jonze.

You can check out larger images of the covers underneath the cut.

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Stephane Halleux

What do you get when you mix the older films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet with the gothic creativity of Tim Burton? I think it would roughly add up to the amazing sculptures of Stephane Halleux. These amazing sculptures are crafted from bits of leather and all kinds of off found objects, things that from another time that have been put together to create these little beauties. It’s crazy how much attention and detail go into these, and they all look they should be characters in some kind of crazy steampunk, stop-motion movie set in a Triplet of Bellesville universe.

Definitely take 10 minutes to go through all of the images and be prepared to wipe the drool off of your keyboard. I would kill to own one of these!


Daihatsu Basket

This may be a bit premature, but it’s starting to feel like car manufacturers, at least those outside of the U.S., are really starting to get away from this ‘bigger is better’ attitude that’s been rotting the industry for the last 20 to 30 years. For example is the Daihatsu Basket, an extremely simple truck concept whose minimal lines make me want to buy a pickup for the first time in my life.

The truck allows for two or four people with a fold down back seat, making it easy to transport your friends or your haul from IKEA. There’s also a removable hard top roof for the front cab and an optional canvas roof for the back in case your guests want some shade or you need to cover your previously mentioned IKEA haul.

This probably wouldn’t be the greatest vehicle for places with heavy snow, but here in Los Angeles this would be a great vehicle to have, and I’m sure your friends would love you to help them move their dresser.

Found through SwipeLife


Justin Wallis

Check out the retro feeling marker drawings of Justin Wallis, who also goes by MILKBBI. He’s got a real child like quality to his drawings which I’m really digging. The top piece is from a series called Homebodies, featuring illustrations and stickers over a photograph, but I’m totally loving the color of these. The second one is called Connected and has a bunch of odd little characters all holding hands together in an epix chain. It’s funny that they’re not technically holding hands, they’re holding random objects like Gameboys and pizzas together.

Found through Milk Tooth’s Rain


‘Maximus’ by Beni featuring Sam Sparro

It’s still Monday here in Los Angeles, so I thought I’d post one other musical tidbit. My buddy Punchy just posted this to his Twitter and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since I clicked the link open. I’m not familiar with Beni, and I have only a passing knowledge of Sam Sparro, but this is THE JAM. It’s got a real Planet Rock vibe to it, something you just want to dance reallllly hard to. I’d be disappointed if this wasn’t playing in every club in the nation by next week.



I thought I’d start sharing my stats again, something I used to do a while back. This is what I’ve been listening to over the last week, maybe there’s some bands you’ve never heard that you might like to try out?