When Will They Update The iTunes Icon?

Earlier today I was thinking about the iTunes icon and how it really doesn’t make sense anymore. When iTunes was released in 2001, everyone on earth used CDs, that was the standard for music. Cut to now, nearly 9 years later, a world that has mostly digital files or has regressed back to the good ol’ days of vinyl. But when you look down at your dock (or toolbar) you see a little blue music note over a… CD.

Since 2006 the iTunes icon has been relatively unchanged, but as music becomes more and more digital, it’s begun to lose it’s validity as an icon. I’ve started to think that it might make more sense for Apple to change it’s icon from something so grounded in the physical world to something more ethereal like a music symbol. They did it on the iPhone, which makes a lot of sense, so why not for the largest digital music player?

If I had to guess they’ll eventually go toward something with just the music note, much like the iPhone version. This way the symbol is unified between all systems, OS’s and devices. When something like this will happen, I dunno, but my guess would be in the next couple years, especially with the mythical Apple tablet supposedly coming out early next year.


October 29, 2009