Daihatsu Basket

This may be a bit premature, but it’s starting to feel like car manufacturers, at least those outside of the U.S., are really starting to get away from this ‘bigger is better’ attitude that’s been rotting the industry for the last 20 to 30 years. For example is the Daihatsu Basket, an extremely simple truck concept whose minimal lines make me want to buy a pickup for the first time in my life.

The truck allows for two or four people with a fold down back seat, making it easy to transport your friends or your haul from IKEA. There’s also a removable hard top roof for the front cab and an optional canvas roof for the back in case your guests want some shade or you need to cover your previously mentioned IKEA haul.

This probably wouldn’t be the greatest vehicle for places with heavy snow, but here in Los Angeles this would be a great vehicle to have, and I’m sure your friends would love you to help them move their dresser.

Found through SwipeLife


October 27, 2009