Apple’s New Magic Mouse

Earlier today Apple announced some revamped products including a new iMacs, MacBook, Mac Mini and my favorite, the Magic Mouse. While it may be ill-named, I think they may have just recreated the computer mouse as we know it. The new Magic Mouse now uses multi-touch sensors like the iPhone and the MacBooks track pad, plus the whole thing is a giant button. So now you can left and right click, and it knows what you’re trying to do. You can also scroll anywhere on it’s surface as well as use multi-touch gestures to do things like flip pages or browse Cover Flow in iTunes. Sadly this puppy is $69, which is pretty steep for a new mouse, though I don’t doubt that’s it’s not worth it. Although if it really shot out those blue waves like in the photo above, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

John Gruber over on Daring Fireball pointed out that the Apple Remote has also been redesigned and is being sold separately for $18. While it’s nice looking, I’m not really sure why this was necessary, it seems like kind of a silly adjustment to a product that worked fine.


October 20, 2009