The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Steven Harrington (Part 1)

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Steven Harrington

Steven Harrington

You can download Steven Harrington’s other wallpaper by clicking here.

It’s pretty late in the day, but it’s still Wednesday here on the west coast, and this week’s wallpaper is a good one. He’s one of my favorite artists out there, and he’s also one of the nicest guys I know… Mr. Steven Harrington. For those who don’t know, Steven Harrington is a Los Angeles based illustrator and designer, he’s half of the design duo National Forest and has an intense love for reggae.

Most recently he was featured an issue of Arkitip magazine, creating a body of work that was inspired by Time Life Encyclopedias, thrift stores and Bill Withers. I talked to Steven and the folks at Arkitip and was able to snag a couple of images from the issue as wallpapers, and they look pretty amazing. The first is a sketch that I loved for it’s simplicity, and the second is a photo by Brigitte Sire taken in the middle of the desert, which should provide your desktop some chill’ing out.

Big thanks to Steven and the folks over at Arkitip.

October 14, 2009