Banksy Interview in Swindle

Someone on Twitter recently re-linked to this interview between Shepard Fairey and Banksy from a few years ago and it’s a good read. I love that Banksy doesn’t have any interest in outing himself, that he would continue making art secretly like he has. One of my favorite parts is when he’s asked about the art world, and how many artists want their work to be accessible to a lot of people, but high prices at galleries can make this impractical:

The art world is the biggest joke going. It’s a rest home for the overprivileged, the pretentious, and the weak. And modern art is a disgrace – never have so many people used so much stuff and taken so long to say so little. Still, the plus side is it’s probably the easiest business in the world to walk into with no talent and make a few bucks.

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October 14, 2009