Skovshoved Gas Station by Arne Jacobsen

There’s something about this Arne Jacobsen designed gas station that makes me really happy. Perhaps it’s the fact that it was built in 1937 yet still looks better then any contemporary gas station? Probably. Situated in Copenhagen, Denmark this is a true testament to the beauty that he created. Everything about it is simple and functional. Sure you might get a little wet if you’re pumping you’re gas and it’s raining, but I’d rather have this than a glaring Shell station. I hate those TVs they have at the pump which blast advertisements at you.

I’m also in love with the tiles that wrap the building, as well as that bright red analog clock. I’d love to see what the inside of this place looks like, see if it has any interesting elements of it’s own.

Found through Dwell


October 9, 2009