The Desktop Wallpaper Project: SPACETIME Competition Winners (Part 1)

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Simon Lindenthaler

Simon Lindenthaler

There were a ton of great entries, but only three could make the cut. In the end, I chose the three wallpapers that had the most creativity, originality, and that just made me smile. The three entries above fit all of those criteria very well, and I’m proud to announce them the winners of the SPACETIME Wallpaper Competition.

First off let’s start with the grand prize winner, Simon Lindenthaler. Simon’s wallpaper was based on the song Space Robot Five by Brave Saint Saturn and features this awesome little robot floating along in his own little space time bubble, looking a bit damaged. I feel like this one has a lot of character, and Simon obviously put a lot of work into this, which I really respect him for. Congrats Simon, you’ll be getting the deluxe SPACETIME pack with wall decals, a t-shirt and a wallet!

After that were our two runners up, Belinda Chen and Aaron DeYoe. These two won for a very similar reason… they both made me laugh. Belinda’s design is so weird and funky, like it was inspired by the 70’s Star Trek, with a bit of DIY asteroids thrown in. Overall I think it’s offbeat and quite clever, and I was thrilled with it immediately.

You can see Belinda’s wallpaper by clicking here.

Our other runner up Aaron DeYoe was picked for his simplicity and restraint, while still being clever. The hand-drawn Futura with the lightning bolt behind it and the orange colored pencil background is simple, and I really like that it’s not trying too hard. Also if you notice there’s a tiny smudge in the bottom left corner… it says “Thyme” with a little doodle of some thyme. Dorky and hysterical.

You can see Aaron’s wallpaper by clicking here.

I want to give a huge thanks to all the artists and designers who entered the contest. The turn out was really amazing and I’m actually pretty stoked to do another contest, so keep an eye out for more of these. Next week there’s going to be a VERY rad wallpaper so be sure to check back in.

October 7, 2009