Honda EV-N Concept

Honda has done it yet again, recently unveiling the EV-N, a battery powered 4 seater that looks like it was inspired by the past, but ready to be driven into the future. It’s got a really simple and refined exterior, making it look like something Naoto Fukasawa would design for MUJI. The creme colored body with the black accents make it look fancy as well and very proper.

What I think is interesting about this concept is that it isn’t REALLY far out there. A lot of concept cars really try to push the limits of what a car can be, but I could honestly imagine seeing these around Los Angeles. They’ve also thrown in some fun details, like swappable seat backs to let you customize things to your taste, and there’s even a UX-3, the new Honda unicycle prototype they recently released, built into the passenger side door.

Found through Autoblog

Check under the cut for some more photos of the inside and details of the headlights.


October 6, 2009