‘Sing Sang Sung’ Music Video by Air

This little video has been around for a couple weeks now but I thought it would be nice to start Monday off with something cute and upbeat. The song is Sing Sang Sung off of Air’s new album Love 2, and the video is a trippy little exploration of 70’s style art. It was directed by Mrzyk and Moriceau at El Nino with animation by Mathematic Studio. I think they did such a wonderful job, it’s one of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen all year. Does anyone remember the video game Uniracers, where you raced unicycles? That’s what this reminds me of.

By the by, the new Air album is pretty great. It’s much more instrumental, more in the vein of Moon Safari, but not as stereotypically French sounding. I’m definitely throwing one of the songs onto this Friday’s mixcast. Love 2 is out in the UK today and here in the U.S. tomorrow, be sure to grab a copy.


October 5, 2009