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Hello Kitty: Three Apples / By Robert Vidaure of Nerdski

Editors Note: I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it out to the Hello Kitty: Three Apples event over at Royal/T last week, so I asked my fellow Angeleno blogger Robert Vidaure who runs the blog Nerdski to fill in for me.

Last Thursday I got invited by Bobby to attend the special press event opening of Three Apples, an exhibition celebrating 35 years of Hello Kitty. It all went down over at Royal/T, a gorgeous art and cafe spot in Culver City. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I finally got through the doors I was totally overwhelmed by all the Hello Kittyness. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with a massive movable Friends With You installation that you could actually get in and give it a try.

After a quick meet up with the Kitsune Noir boy himself I took a personal tour of the gallery and snapped a bunch of pictures of all the amazing art. From Buff Monster to Baseman, to TokiDoki to Kozik I was really impressed with all the interesting interpretations of Hello Kitty. It was a little hectic with all the press, and someone mentioned Paris Hilton and Dave Navarro were roaming around, so I enjoyed what I could. I ate a little bit of finger food, kicked back some pink champagne and then headed out.

I was a little bitter about not getting there early enough on Thursday to get a goodie bag, so my girlfriend and I decided to try our luck again on Saturday. I’m not sure who dragged who but we somehow found ourselves standing in line early in the morning waiting to get back in and experience the Hello Kitty madness once again. Even though we still didn’t make the first 100 cut we decided to make our own goodie bag and buy a bunch of Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary exclusives. With our pockets empty I decided to take a few more pictures while enjoying a piece of Hello Kitty birthday cake.

It was definitely a fun filled Hello Kitty weekend, and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet you should go November 1st for Hello Kitty’s official birthday party. You’ll most likely see me there.

To see more photos from the event be sure to click here.

-Robert (nerdski!)

Destino – A Film by Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this until, but it’s the true. It’s hard to describe this, so I’ll let Wikipedia do the hard work for me:

Destino is a short animated cartoon released in 2003 by The Walt Disney Company. Destino is unique in that its production originally began in 1945, 58 years before its eventual completion. The project was a collaboration between American animator Walt Disney and Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, and features music written by Mexican songwriter Armando Dominguez.

Watching this video it feels like it should be a sequel to Fantasia, an other-worldly and trippy movie that everyone should absolutely should see. And in fact, the whole thing was put together by the folks who worked on Fantasia 2000, so it sort of makes sense. I never thought of Dalí’s work being animated before, but when you watch this it absolutely makes sense. More of them fine art fancy painters should have gotten into cartoons!

Found through Planetary Folklore


Julian Callos

Los Angeles based Julian Callos is one of those artists that I really wish I could emulate. His style seems simple, with lots of human figures floating around in these abstract environments. But it’s these environments which really impress me. They seem to made up of all kinds of washes and textures and look exactly like a dream would. He’s also really great with colors, sticking with a muted palette for most parts but then using splashes of colors to catch your attention. Really beautiful stuff.


Carbonwood Bicycle by Gary Galego

Nifty bikes are always fun to come by and this plywood and carbon fiber is a real gem. It was created by designer Gary Galego who wanted to create a unique mixture for this bike but still give it a light frame and make it easy to ride. I think it’s really rad looking, the detailing in all of the joints is absolutely beautiful and the paleness of the wood looks amazing against the deep blackness of the metal parts. You can read a bit more about Gary and the bike by clicking here.

Found through Public School


When Will They Update The iTunes Icon?

Earlier today I was thinking about the iTunes icon and how it really doesn’t make sense anymore. When iTunes was released in 2001, everyone on earth used CDs, that was the standard for music. Cut to now, nearly 9 years later, a world that has mostly digital files or has regressed back to the good ol’ days of vinyl. But when you look down at your dock (or toolbar) you see a little blue music note over a… CD.

Since 2006 the iTunes icon has been relatively unchanged, but as music becomes more and more digital, it’s begun to lose it’s validity as an icon. I’ve started to think that it might make more sense for Apple to change it’s icon from something so grounded in the physical world to something more ethereal like a music symbol. They did it on the iPhone, which makes a lot of sense, so why not for the largest digital music player?

If I had to guess they’ll eventually go toward something with just the music note, much like the iPhone version. This way the symbol is unified between all systems, OS’s and devices. When something like this will happen, I dunno, but my guess would be in the next couple years, especially with the mythical Apple tablet supposedly coming out early next year.


The Smash Burger at Umami Burger

About a month ago Umami Burger, a local Los Angeles burger joint, opened up around the corner from me where Cobras & Matadors used to be. I’d been wanting to check out since then, when a few days ago I was alerted by Tasha over at Blackburn and Sweetzer that they started a new Happy Hour special. Between the hours of 3 and 7 PM you can get a Smash Burger, one that’s similar to what you East coasters would find at Shake Shack, plus all of their beers on tap for $4 each. Great deal.

So I walked over and had a seat at the bar, and dug right in. I grabbed an Alagash Black, a satisfying darker beer that had a nice crispness to it. I ordered the Smash Burger as well as some malt liquor tempura onion rings to go along with them. The burger looks kind of small in the photo but it ended up being a perfect portion size. The burger itself is simple, just buns, beef, cheese, caramelized onions and homemade pickles. I’m a big sauce guy, but after sinking my teeth into this burger I realized it wasn’t necessary. The meat was grilled well done on the outside but was quite rare on the inside, leaving the plate dripping with deliciousness. It was honestly one of the best burgers I think I’ve ever had. The onion rings were great as well, nice and crispy all around and the onion was still crunchy enough to bite into. I hate when you get an onion ring, bite into it and the whole onion comes out, leaving you with a deep fried husk.

As I was eating, someone who worked there, maybe a manager, was explaining some of the details that I couldn’t help but overhear. I guess the buns are all hand formed by a local bakery, they make 1000 buns a day and serve just Umami Burger, so you can guess how delicious they tasted. The onions and pickles are all prepared in house. They also have a veggie burger that costs $14, which a lot of people complain about, but what he said is that it takes 3 days to prepare, though I’m not sure what goes into that time period, but it certainly sounded worth it.

All in all I loved my meal, and for $13 I got a delicious burger, a good helping of onion rings and a pint of beer. So if you’re in the mood for a delicious meal I’d suggest hitting up Umami Burger.


We Never Heard Its Noise | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

Last week I said I wouldn’t be making a Mixtape for Halloween. Well, I kind of lied. As I started to think about it, I realized that while I couldn’t make an epic Halloween dance mix like Punchy did with Hellaween, I figured I could make something creepy as hell.

The following mix is one of the weirdest and most complex things I’ve ever made. Usually when I make a mix I have about 12 to 15 tracks, sometimes throwing in some extra sounds here and there. This time around I used 55 to 60. The entire mix is filled with all sorts of weird sounds, strange and disturbing song transitions and a ton of great music to get really creeped out by.

This isn’t going to be everyone’s favorite Mixtape, but I hope you can appreciate what I was trying to do with it. Just as a heads up, the transition between Sébastian Tellier and Smashing Pumpkins is pretty loud and creepy and scary, but for some reason I think it’s absolutely amazing. So please enjoy and let me know what you think, and maybe even play it during your goth Halloween party!

I also wanted to mention that the artwork on the cover is by my BFF and roommate Garrett Vander Leun. He yet again hooked me up with some seriously amazing art to work with. I’ve put his original artwork under the cut and some of the steps I went through to get to the final cover.

Here’s the track listing:

01 Silent Woods by Husky Rescue
02 If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray
03 Sheena Is a Parasite by The Horrors
04 Jetstream by Thom Yorke
05 Come to Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy Mix) by Aphex Twin
06 Morning Light by Girls
07 Trilogie Femme: Vierges/Une Vraie Maman/Face au Miroir by Sébastian Tellier
08 Bodies by Smashing Pumpkins
09 The Great Below by Nine Inch Nails
10 Infinity ytinifnI by These New Puritans
11 Even Balance (Part 2) by UNKLE
12 Horse Tears by Goldfrapp
13 Forest Families by The Knife
14 A Good Place by Grizzly Bear

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The Desktop Wallpaper featuring Joe Van Wetering

The Desktop Wallpaper featuring Joe Van Wetering

Joe Van Wetering

This week’s Desktop Wallpaper Project is a rather famous guy.You might not know his name, but I guarantee that most of you have seen his face before. His name is Joe Van Wetering, an illustrator and designer who lives in Chicago who also happens to work at Threadless. He’s this handsome gent who you’ve probably seen modeling one of your favorite t-shirts. He also happens to be one heck of an artist, creating all sorts of surreal creations filled with bright colors and random shapes.

His wallpaper is that of a spooky looking forest which I thought would be perfect for the lead up to Halloween. It’s got some creepiness to it but it’s still filled with bright colors and awesome textures so you don’t feel like you’re looking at a graveyard or something really creepy all day long.