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Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.008

I’m somewhere in Chicago, most likely sleeping, but I wanted to be sure you had a Mixcast this week. This week’s theme revolves around duettes, or someone making a guest appearance on an album. I always think it’s fun when someone unexpected shows up on an album and performs with someone I enjoy, and these songs are perfect examples.

I wasn’t able to make a back cover for this week’s Mixcast, but I’ll definitely try and make one for next week, so don’t think I’m ignoring your pleas! I hope you enjoy the Mixcast and check back next week for more fun music.

Here’s this week’s tracklist:
To A Fault (featuring Grizzly Bear) by Dntel
El President (featuring Thom Yorke) by Drugstore
Summer Day (featuring Kirsten Dunst) by Coconut Records
Lay Lay Off, Faselam by Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan
Cliquot (featuring Final Fantasy) by Beirut
Over The Pond (featuring Jónsi Birgisson) by The Album Leaf
The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton (featuring Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers) by Beck
Old Panda Days (featuring Nick Krgovich) by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
The Build-Up (featuring Feist) by Kings of Convenience
How My Heart Behaves (featuring Eirik Glambek Bøe) by Feist


A Growing Pile of Work by Siggi Eggertson

Take 400 pieces of art from 6 years of work, mash them all together and you get some amazingly trippy stuff. Siggi Eggertsson is a phenomenal illustrator who’s been all over the place designing anything from graphics in magazines to t-shirts to that Gnarls Barkley cover you loved. So seeing all of his work constantly expanding at your face non-stop for over two minutes it’s pretty crazy to think that he’s designed every single one of those funny, little pieces. This video is both mesmerizing and slightly nauseating, but as a whole is totally amazing.


Skyler Vander Molen

As a part of Make Something Cool Everyday, Skyler Vander Molen decided to start creating an illustrated alphabet. But this alphabet takes it’s cues from computer related things instead of stupid things like fluffy animals… okay that’s not true, I love fluffy friends. Anyhow I thought he did a great job clearly illustrating all of these different letters, though he still hasn’t quite finished the alphabet yet.



I don’t know about you, but I practically live in my inbox. I tend to keep Gmail open all the time, constantly checking and replying to people is just a part of the job. I was really glad when Google decided to add themes to Gmail allowing you to customize what your inbox looked like. Well Helvetimail takes that one step further. Based on Jon Hicks’ Helvetireader, your inbox can also be filled with the look of clean, Swiss design.

You have to do some hacks in order to make it work, but it honestly doesn’t seem like too much effort, especially when you’ll have such an orderly look inbox.


Anna Wolf for Untitled Magazine

Check out this beautiful little fashion video by New York photographer Anna Wolf for Untitled Magazine. I keep having conversations with people about photography versus video, and while I think neither of them is going to be going anywhere fast, I think videos like these show what’s going to be happening in fashion in the near future. I think it’s partially the subtlety of her camera work and the well chosen angles that really make this beautiful to me.

She should also get props for not using Sigur Ros as the music for the video. Yes, Sigur Ros give an amazing vibe and feeling to you slow-motion shots, but everyone on earth has already done it, and no, you shouldn’t use Riceboy Sleeps or any other side-project by them either.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project by Ian O’Phelan

The Desktop Wallpaper Project by Ian O'Phelan

Ian O’Phelan

This is definitely one of the most beautifully, phallic wallpapers I’ve ever seen. Maybe I just have the mind of a 13 year old boy, but nonetheless it’s a beautiful wallpaper and extremely well done. It was made by Ian O’Phelan, a Los Angeles based illustrator who does the most incredible patterns. The pattern section on his site is absolutely stunning and should definitely be checked out if you have any kind of interest in the area.

I’m guessing that the creatures you see are all underwater beasties, but don’t they kind of look like spores as well? It’s funny because I’m listening to a new song off of Sufjan Steven’s The BQE Soundtrack and it totally fits with this wallpaper, very ethereal and unreal feeling. Give it a download and check back next week for a new wallpaper.

Off To Chicago!

Hey there. I just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way to Chicago right now. But thanks to my foresight, there will be new posts every day this week, including a Desktop Wallpaper Project and a new Mixcast on Friday. I may not get back to your comments right away, but I’ll approve them all when I get the time. If you want to keep up to my shenanigans while I’m away you can find me on my Twitter.

I’ll be staying in Hyde Park, so ifyou have any suggestions of places I should visit or yummy places to eat please let me know in the comments of this post. Seeya’ next week!


Kitsune Noir & Goopymart Food Truck Winners

Well the Food Truck contest wasn’t the most successful event I’ve ever run, but I had some really great entries so I wanted to share those with everyone. I got some creative and fun trucks from Philip Kennedy, Brian Haines, Levente Szabo and Pedro Fernandes.

Philip created a mobile book truck called The Little Foxes Mobile Library, which he describes as “food for the brain.” Brian created a Liquid Lunch truck, for those of us who prefer to drink our meals. The little bunny on the front is too cute and love the taps and glasses on the inside of the truck. Then there was Levente who created a wonderful junk food truck, and Pedro who created a more traditional truck with some great looking food in the window.

Be sure to click the links above to download the templates and you can fold up your own trucks. Throw a truck onto your desk at work or give your kids a craft project to do.


Nonsensical Infographics by Chad Hagen

20×200 released a great new set of prints today from artist Chad Hagen. Chad did these incredible nonsensical infographics which chart nothing but look absolutely beautiful. The colors and textures of these are absolutely spot on and they’d probably look awesome as a pair, though I’ll confess that the top one is my favorite. There’s something so beautiful about the splash of red in the middle of the infographic and the touch of yellow on top of it that really makes it pop. Really beautiful stuff.

Click here to get some more info and to order.


Awesome Clocks from Crate & Barrel

I was in Crate and Barrel a few days ago and I was surprised to see such amazing clocks on display. The top one is my favorite, featuring an all black face and extruded numbers is simple but pretty fun at the same time. The white clock is kind of the classier version of the top one, all decked out in white with a more subtle embossing of the numbers instead of coming right out atcha’.

These clocks seem like they would fit better at CB2, but maybe they’re trying to test “hipper” products at the regular Crate & Barrel stores and see how they do? Either way, I think these are two of the sexiest clocks I’ve seen in a while.